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Concert & Barn Dance

Dave Stamey

Dave Stamey has been bucked off and stomped by many horses, stepped on by mules and dragged around branding pens by angry cattle of various sizes. He's ridden in the rain, in the snow, in the rain some more, in pretty nasty heat, and in feedlot pens where the air was thick and decidedly fragrant. He's even wrangled dudes.
He's an entertainer now. He finds he prefers this Cowboys and Indians Magazine has called him “the Charley Russell of Western Music.” He has been twice voted Entertainer of the Year, three times Male Performer of the Year and twice Songwriter of the Year by the Western Music Association, and received the Will Rogers Award from the Academy of Western Artists.

Sons and Brothers, Colorado’s Premier Acoustic Band

Sons and Brothers are the Wolking Family from Westcliffe, Colorado. They continue to captivate audiences with their fusion of bluegrass, gospel, and western music inspired by the band’s founding father, Frank Wolking. Colorado’s premier family string band, Sons and Brothers bring a unique energy, instrumental prowess and tight, powerful family harmony to the roots music genre. Rooted solidly in the Mountain West, the band describes its brand of music as “West Grass,” songs with Western and Gospel themes built around bluegrass lead instruments. Each performance features a dynamic contrast of songs and sounds ranging from stirring ballads and powerful gospel numbers to fire breathing instrumentals, poignant stories of family life, mountains, range and the American West.

"Seldom does such a talented group get presented to the public. Likewise, seldom does one family possess such a talent, work ethic, faith and determination as do the Wolkings, who are the Sons and Brothers!”   --Waddie Mitchell

The Billys (as seen at Disneyland)

Direct from Disneyland’s Golden Horseshoe stage, the four hilarious hillbilly brothers – all named Billy – return to the Jubilee to perform their special brand of sidesplitting, slapstick comedy, and barnyard music that combines country with classic rock and bluegrass. Featuring the musical talents of Anders Swanson, Rick Storey, Kirk Wall, and Dennis Fetchet, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies put on a riotous show that invites audiences to hoot and holler and stomp their feet and have some wholesome, down home fun!

Foot Stompin Barn Dance


Our MC Joel Reese

Joel Reese - Cowboy Singer and Songwriter AND Jubilee MC! Website